Easy Bus Rental in Chicago

We’ll research, book, and organize shuttle rentals for any type of event or group.







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Prices Within Your Budget

We partner with the best charter bus companies in Chicago to guarantee the lowest bus rates that fit within your budget.

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Real-time GPS Tracking

Track the location of your bus at all times, so you know exactly when and where it’s arriving. No more confusion.

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All Your Details in One Area

Centralize all your information like schedule, prices, payments, pick-up locations, passenger lists, and live maps for easy access when you need it.

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Customizable Bus Experience

Create an unique travel experience to share with all your guests. Whether it’s special signage, fun snacks, or a karaoke machine, we make sure you have it.

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Tailored Routes and Schedule

Our team of logistics experts will create a personalized schedule and plan bus routes that work best for your trip.

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Convenient Payment Methods

Pay for your bus rental by credit card, cheque, or wire transfer – whichever is most convenient for you.

Making that process easier was such a relief for me. I couldn’t believe it took two minutes for me to make a reservation, and get payment done for the school bus trip. The school bus was there early, the driver was really good, and it was such a painless experience relative to the alternatives that I was used to.

Shawn Basak

Event Organizer from MIT

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